Below is a list of other research projects I have worked on; my academia.edu profile can be found here.

University of Michigan

  • Gold, D., Garcia, M., Knutson, A.V. (Forthcoming, 2019). Going public in an age of digital anxiety: How students negotiate the topoi of online writing environments. Composition Forum.
    • Keywords: digital rhetoric, composition pedagogy, public writing, social media
  • Schiavone, A., & Knutson, A.V. (2017). Pedagogy at the crossroads: Instructor identity, social class consciousness, and reflective teaching practice. In W. H. Thelin, & G. Carter (Eds.), Class in the composition classroom: Pedagogy and the working class. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.
    • Keywords: professional development, socioeconomic status, first-generation college students, teacher reflections, reflection, narrative writing

Sweetland Center for Writing, University of Michigan

At the University of Michigan, I served as a Graduate Student Research Assistant in the Sweetland Center for Writing research team from 2014-2017. In this position, I worked on the following research projects:

  • Knutson, A.V. (2019). Grace: A case study of resourcefulness and resilience. In A.R. Gere (Ed.), Developing writers in higher education: A longitudinal study (pp. 193-216). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.
    • Keywords: learning transfer, writing development, learning dispositions, self-efficacy, growth mindset, longitudinal study

eComposition, University of New Mexico

At the University of New Mexico, I collaborated with Professors Tiffany and Andrew Bourelle and others on the following research projects related to the development of an online, multimodal writing program called eComposition:

  • Davila, B., Bourelle, T., Bourelle, A., & Knutson, A.V. (2017). Linguistic diversity in online writing classes. WPA: Writing Program Administration, 41(1), 60-81.
    • Keywords: linguistic diversity, writing assessment, program assessment, portfolio assessment, online writing instruction